MTD Magazine - Performance Handbook 2017

COVER STORY: Stellar Service for UHP Tires


Wheel vs. tire performance

Which one gets the respect it deserves?

The ultimate UHP tire dealer (COVER STORY)

It's not uncommon for Butler Tire to service a Bentley, BMW or a $300,000 sport utility vehicle.

Mounting and balancing

Top 7 problems service techs can't overlook.

Custom wheel installation

Raising the bar with attention to 5 areas of concern.

Dealing with the legalities of TPMS

'Ignorance of the law is no excuse'

Brake performance for cars

Manufacturers pull out the stops for premium vehicles.

Terms of endearment

How to read the sidewall on a UHP tire


Performance Showcase

Performance Datafile

Performance Directory



MTD Magazine - Performance Handbook 2017