MTD Magazine - November 2017

COVER STORY: I'm Tired of My Supplier Competing Against Me


I'm tired of my supplier competing against me (COVER STORY)

Online sales remain a sore point based on survey results.

Going from 'surviving' to 'much improved'

Middleroad Tire redefines 'normal'

On the Rise -

The industry's next generation of leaders.

Performance winter tires or studless ice and snow tires? -

The question you need to ask every winter tire buyer.

Vehicle inspections help turn demand for winter tires into service sales

Pinpointing the modern M/T tire customer -

Manufacturers market to the full spectrum.

Wage and hour regulations -

You probably are not in compliance.

How is the 'health' of your business insurance coverage?

71% of employees are disengaged -

So what makes you think yours are not?

Your voice on Capitol Hill -

Incoming TIA President David Martin

Keeping the course for TIA's success -

Outgoing President Tom Formanek


Editorial: 'We're selling online!' Goodyear's strategy has not been a game changer News and navigation tools for MTD's website

News/views: Expect more from the DieHard brand - in stores and tires: 'We love the concept'

In memoriam: Harvey Brodsky - He made a lasting impression on retreading, the tire industry and me.

On the Rise: A young dealer seeks a unique online sales approach: 'Embrace the online customer'

Numbers that count: Relevant statistics from an industry in constant motion.

Your marketplace: We believe the bulk of pricing volatility and weakness is behind us.

Counter intelligence: Points of presentation.

European notebook: Saturation point danger for tire shows in Europe.

Business insight: Creating standards to live by.

Focus on industry/dealers:

  Get ready for the Giti and GT Radial brands

  From wheels to tires: RNRT Tire Express reaches 100 stores and changes its name

  'The factory is an enable': Nokian will focus on dealer network and all-season products

  BFG advances its Advantage T/A 'powerline'

TPMS - Hundai Elantra, Elantra Coupe and Elantra Touring

Your turn - 'If God didn't use retreads, he will now!'


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MTD Magazine - November 2017