MTD Magazine - November 2012


UHP tires: Tire manufacturers wave the flagship

By: Bob Ulrich

Domestic tire manufacturers may not like producing low-cost radials anymore, but they love competing in the ultra-high performance tire market. The same can be said of tire marketers representing foreign tire makers, who know a profitable segment when they see it.


Tire manufacturers wave the flagship

The ultra-high performance segment continues to grow, with UHP all-season tires in everyone's lineup

Is there such a thing as a UHP winter tire?

Yes. Well, probably.  Read what the tire manufacturers have to say and judge for yourself

Are green tires truly green?

Lowering rolling resistance and sustaining performance characteristics are not mutually exclusive goals.  But balancing the critical elements that make up each one is not easy

To fee or not to fee

Recent lawsuit settlement allows dealers to charge credit card fees to customers

TIA to grow with Groh

New president Randy Groh looks to continue emphasis on training and legislation





Your marketplace

Business insight - Offering choices and winning customers: Best/better/good options help build tire buyers' trust

Business insight - Technology: fast and furious - History shows us the direction in which business practices are headed.  So pay attention!

Counter intelligence

European notebook

Focus on industry - Aeolus outlines plans for selling PLT tires in the U.S.: Domestic subsidiary and warehouse are in the works


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MTD Magazine - November 2012