MTD Magazine - May 2018

COVER STORY: Servicing the Next Generation of Cars and Customers


Servicing the next generation of cars and customers (COVER STORY)

Why you need to say 'no' to the status quo

There's potential in green tires

Companies are committed, but tires need to perform.

OEM battery trends

How the latest technologies affect battery sales and service.

Tire pricing strategy

Why you shouldn't play the match game.

'Think of it as free money'

Associate groups want to boost your business.


Editorial - Wholesale changes: Did Goodyear and Bridgestone shake up the industry? News and navigation tools for MTD's website.

News/views: 2018 - The year of change for U.S. tire distribution - Goodyear and Bridgestone are creating TireHub.

Your marketplace -  Better things are coming for dealers and wholesalers.

Tire Dealer of the Year news: Racing forward: Dealers' motorsports programs win big.

Numbers that count - Relevant statistics from an industry in constant motion.

Counter intelligence - Speed to value: At the sales counter, get to the point.

European notebook - Is a new dawn about to break in tire show success in Europe? Interest is high for new Tire Cologne Show in Germany.

Business insight - Consolidation, wage wars ad the impending paradigm shift.

Focus on industry/dealers -

Geneva International Motor Show: Tires take on a new level of communication at the Geneva Motor Show.

Missed opportunities? Sponsorships give Continential Gold dealers a chance to engage.

Tires are the foundation, but... New Perilli CMO knows he lives in a digital world.

Bridgestone releases new versions of Ecopia, Dueler and Potenza tires.

TPMS - Kia Sedona 2006 - 2014


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MTD Magazine - May 2018