MTD Magazine - March 2017

COVER STORY: Stocking Up for the 2017-2018 Winter Tire Season


From top to bottom

Spring car care starts with windshield wipers

Inventory planning for next winter (COVER STORY)

Make room for 6 new tires in 2017-2018

Studded tire chart

Where metal-studded tires are legal and where they are not


Editorial: Your next great competitor is.. The odds favor over Sears Automotive. News and navigation tools for MTD's website

News/views: Chinese truck tires to remain tariff free: Retreaders worried about what the decision means for them.

New column! Numbers that count: Statistics from an industry in constant motion.

Counter intelligence: The changing language of the marketplace: Dealing with the biggest threat to independent tire dealers.

Business Insight: Technology and talent: Now is the time to get ahead of the learning curve.

Focus on industry:

Aloha from Hawaii: President Trump is the wild card in predicting the future of the off-the-road tire industry.

Hankook gains ground in its goals: Dealers updated on production increases and new tire.

High-value-added philozophy: Goodyear's new WeatherReady embodies that philosophy.

Point S rebranding exceeds expectations: 'We're going to be consistently independent.'

Continental unveils the Altimax Arctic 12 in 47 extra load sizes for passenger vehicles.





MTD Magazine - March 2017