MTD Magazine - January 2017 Facts Issue

COVER STORY: 51st Annual Facts Issue


Tire prices will rise in 2017

Last year was weaker than expected, but analyst sees better volumes for nearly all segments of the industry.

Tire development considerations for autonomous vehicles

Defining safe used tires

Fear of the unknown mah eliminate them from the aftermarket.

Package deals improve margins on sales of custom wheels

51st Annual Facts Section

Overview: What to expect in 2017

Despite mixed signals, there is a lot to be optimistic about

Shipments: Consumer tire demand ebbedf and flowed in 2016

Market share: All mixed up

Price and size will affect share

Distribution: Turn, turn, turn, turn your inventory

Commercial: Low-cost imports affected new and retreaded tires

Fighting for small farm tire market share

Pricing and sizes: Large rim diameters take over

Ford F-150 size and price breakdown

North American plant capacities

Auto service: Where dealer find dollars and profits


Editorial: Is our love affair with the car over? Autonomous vehicles could hurt the relationship. News and navigation tools for MTD's website

News/views: Demand for large rim tires will require more capacity and boost profit per tire.

Your marketplace

Counter intelligence: Influence: How to use your power for the good of the customer.

European Notebook

Business insight: Batters up? From leadoff to clean-up, here's how to grow your business.

Focus on industry:

Designed with the U.S. in mind: Zeta tires feature a complete dealer program.

Kumho promises dealers a stable new year: Look for UHP, MT and CUV tires in 2018.


Your Turn: Tire Dealer of the Year donation to support law enforcement/community relations.




MTD Magazine - January 2017 Fact Book
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