MTD Magazine - February 2018

COVER STORY: UHP light truck tires: driven by technology and marketing


UHP light truck tires: 'a blending of technologies' (COVER STORY)

Think past the days of the Ford Lightning

Back to basics: Lubrication keeps advanced braking systems working right

All customers big and small

TravelCenters wants to expand across America


Forklift operators are asking for tires that help keep their workplace clean

AG Tire Talk

How to reduce road lope on sprayers

Managing the risks of road service

Techs must recognize hazards to prevent accidents.

Big Jim's acts small and sells big

'Do something for one customer and they tell their neighbors'

Commercially viable


Editorial: Women and repeat business: Make sure you shake gender bias once and for all. News and navigation tools for MTD's website.

News/views: Why Goodyear's Kramer thinks the tire industry will grow in the 'new mobility ecosystem'

In memorium: Leading man: Discount Tire patriairch Bruce Halle leaves us a legacy.

On the Rise: Jarret Kruse: Vice president of strategy and business development, Belle Tire Distributors Inc., Allen Park, Mich.

Your marketplace: Less consumer tire demand in December snaps two month 'streak'

Numbers that count - Relevant statistics from an industry in constant motion.

Focus on industry - K&M dealers learn how to be distinctive and efficient: Tire wholesaler sees opportunities in the Northeast.

Counter intelligence - The psychology of hello: How the tone of your voice affects sales.

European notebook - Getting the tire safety message across in Europe is difficult: Motorists attitude remains supreme indifference.

Business insight - What message are you presenting to potential employees?  With today's competition, it better be top-notch.

TPMS - Cadillac CTS - 2008-15: There are two different kinds of TPMS sensors in use on this vehicle.


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MTD Magazine - February 2018